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VCDX Design selection

Operation Grandslam is now under way. I’m forcing myself to do this instead of putting it off while I try and get the VCAPs done and dusted. We’ve all been there when life at work and home consume vast amounts

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Lab update

Soooo the home lab is coming along nicely though I’m going to be running in to license expiry issues before long. Thanks to the power of social media and some extremely supportive and knowledgeable peers I’m hoping to over come

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Home Lab – hardware

Right a quick post to detail my lab hardware so far: HOSTS/Servers 2x HP N40LMicroservers with: AM Turon Dual core processors @ 2Ghz 16GB RAM 2x Intel 40GB SSD 1x250GB SATA 1x500GB SATA. Single dual port half height 1GB NIC

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Let’s make a start

So VCAP5-DCA is up first to complete. I’ve got a fair bit of experience from being involved with designing and implementing a new infrastructure as a service platform in a previous role and having to maintain it etc etc so

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It starts now! Operation Grandslam

For those of you that work in virtualisation specifically with VMware products there comes a time where you want and need to get qualified further. I’ve already got my VCP3.5, 4 and 5 but now’s the time to really kick

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