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VCDX Design selection

Operation Grandslam is now under way. I’m forcing myself to do this instead of putting it off while I try and get the VCAPs done and dusted. We’ve all been there when life at work and home consume vast amounts

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Long time no see!

Ok so it’s been a while since I’ve last put anything on my blog and some people will wonder why I’ve been off the RADAR so to speak. Well lets cover off a few things which I’ve been up to

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vInner Demons

So today’s progress has been somewhat limited in terms of study carried out – I’ve now got to pass a Microsoft exam for HyperV and System Center for company accreditation. End result means that Section 1 of the VCAP Blue

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Home Lab – hardware

Right a quick post to detail my lab hardware so far: HOSTS/Servers 2x HP N40LMicroservers with: AM Turon Dual core processors @ 2Ghz 16GB RAM 2x Intel 40GB SSD 1x250GB SATA 1x500GB SATA. Single dual port half height 1GB NIC

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It starts now! Operation Grandslam

For those of you that work in virtualisation specifically with VMware products there comes a time where you want and need to get qualified further. I’ve already got my VCP3.5, 4 and 5 but now’s the time to really kick

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