The reason why I’ve set-up this blog is relatively simple. Provide a consolidated pool of resources and ideas to help aspiring technical architects and become better equipped in tackling business and technical design. Everyone has to start somewhere. I want this page to form a framework and way of thinking for you the reader which can help you get to where you want to be as a technical expert.

For me I never had a mentor to skill myself up and much of my own training has been done in my own time in order that I can keep ahead on top of the wave that it the IT industry. I have often wished that I could work along side the best minds in my chosen field and have now only just started to reach out to the wide world via social media and networking.

It’s my personal opinion that you should surround yourself with people who have skills and experience that you don’t have. This will enable you to absorb information, learn and store in to your grey matter. It can only be a good thing to learn new ideas and follow those who are arguable better than you.

If just one person reads this blog and takes on-board some of the advice or information here and furthers their own abilities or progress further down their own career path then my mission is complete and I’ll be a happy man.


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