As you can guess I’m a keen motorcyclist amongst many other hobbies that I have! My passion for bikes stemmed from a need to commute from outside of Cambridge to London every day as it was the cheapest form of transport…..or at least that was the thinking!

After two full years including two winters, three major accidents I opted to escape with my life and get a job more local! Ever since I’ve owned super sport bikes and upgraded to “big bikes”.

So I’ve owned the following bikes so far:

Three Suzuki SV 650s pointy versions – all three came to an untimely end!

Suzuki Bandit 600Honda Deuville – don’t ask!!
Honda Hornet f4
Yamaha r6 1999 track bike

Yamaha r6 2006 ex Virgin Mobile Cup race bike

Yamaha R1 1999

Yamaha R1 2009 Cross plane Crack (my pride and joy!)


I’ve been over to the Isle of Man TT quite a few times and were totally blown away by the experience and there’s nothing I like more than to give it the beans around the mountain section and know full well it’s legal! I love the island and would love to settle down there one day. I’ve had intentions to go racing and get my license to do the Manx GP however as always life gets in the way of things and so I shelved that idea…..for now

2597791184_fb7e5775bb_b Picture 586 Picture 610


Like most bikers I’ve done quite a few trackdays on my bikes and here’s the list I’ve done so far

Silverstone GP – old circuit and new Circuit
Rockingham – National and International
Cadwell Park (LOVE this circuit)
Snetterton Old and the new 300 layout

SP7_6474_11.00 - 11.20

Future intentions are to do the Nürburgring before they shut it down and to do some trips around the Alps. Time as always is at a premium now especially with a new born and a busy work life. Balance is key!

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