Lab update

Soooo the home lab is coming along nicely though I’m going to be running in to license expiry issues before long. Thanks to the power of social media and some extremely supportive and knowledgeable peers I’m hoping to over come this by getting my paws on NFR licenses. A big shout out to Paul Meehan and Craig Kilborn for getting the ball rolling

So the current state is that I’ve rummaged around my room and searched through the many boxes of PC bits n bobs I’ve accumulated over the years of many upgrades and chucked together a case, Mobo with a Pentium D CPU, 4GB RAM, PSU and a bunch of “suspect” SATA drives which are potentially on their way to silicon heaven (Not the playboy mansion) and configured an iSCSI/NFS storage server using FreeNAS.



NFS was a doddle to deploy but had a real headache trying to get the iSCSI targets seen by all ESX hosts. I’m clearly missing something obvious and pulling my hair out trying to trouble shoot – a few cups of tea and some Woosaaas are in order I reckon.

To be continued!


IT virtualisation professional since 2002 after serving 7 years in the British Army as a REME Corporal. Currently a Solutions Architect. I'm a dedicated husband, motorcyclist, proud father and owner of two beautiful border collies Monty and Mitch. Hobbies are: Motorcycles - Isle of Man TT/Road races and MotoGP/BSB/WSB Rugby Union Skiing DCS Flight Simulator -A10A/C and SU25 Frogfoot specialist Airsoft - Closer Quarter Battle

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